Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Christine O'Donnell First Amendment Forgetfulness: News in Song

Capo 2
C, G, D/F#

I'm like you
I've never read the constitution
I'm like you
I'm confused by evolution

I'm like you
Taxes are bad
But sometimes I like the things they go to

I'm like you
A Christian well I'm kind of Christian
I'm like you
War is bad but bomb the villains

I'm like you
I watch fox news
That's all the news I choose to believe in

I'm like you
I try to cheat on all my taxes
I'm like you
I look real good in business slacks

And I'm like you
I think big government is bad
Unless it helps my home state in a big sort of way

So I'll go to Washington
And it'll be just like if you were there
Won't know a thing that's going on
Won't read a single bill or care

But I'll yell
Lower taxes
And I'll cry
more freedom
and repeat one-liners
but not know what they mean

I'm like you
I'm just like you
And neither one of us have got a clue

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