Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chile Miner Rescue: News in Song

Capo 1

G, Em, C, G
Scientists and minds from dozens of countries
All came together
Was a beautiful picture
It was a beautiful picture

Mind-share, drill scare
Love affair, soot hair
Dark lair, lord’s prayer
all scared, we got there
yes, we got there

half a mile underground
in Copiapo Chile
estamos bien en el refugio,
los 33’o
how can it be, oh

G, Em, D
33 miners in a hole
Chile hello
C’mon let’s go
70 and 69
days trapped in a mine
yes we’re doing fine

about to come out
but the question remains
who do I hug first
my wife or my lover
or should I introduce them to each other?

C, G, Em, D/F#
See the sunshine
Kiss your wife then
Kiss the sky and
Maybe your girlfriend

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