Monday, May 3, 2010

Times Square Bomb Scare - News in Song

April 15th - May 3rd, 2010

Capo 2
C, G, D/F#, Em

Volcano in Iceland can’t stop vomiting
We’re gonna cap and trade you
Before you block our planes again

School in Pennsylvania
Put webcams in their student’s laptops
Took pictures while they slept

aliens traveled over the Midwest, turns out it’s a meteor
put your crazy crap to rest

We have a new hundred dollar bill
Benjamin Franklin’s never looked hotter

Lady gaga has infiltrated the U.S. Army
That’s why we don’t ask, ‘cause we’re afraid of what they’ll say
And how they’ll choreograph it

Pakistan Taliban
Times Square Bomb Scare
Thank god NY’s Finest Found it
‘fore it went off

And we can’t have an honest discussion
About Arizona’s immigration bill
Without tremendously poor and ignorant constitutional scholarship from Shakira

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