Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kickboxing Orangutans - News in Song

April 3rd - April 14th, 2010

C, G, D/F#, Em

oh my lord
what is that?
It’s the next susan boyle
Voice don’t match the body
But he’s blowing up Mariah

Opening day, obama threw out a first pitch to boos
Was it healthcare, the white sox hat or ‘cause he
throws like a girl wearing high stiletto shoes

John paul stevens stepping down
Who is going replace him?
I betcha it’s a girl
Who likes her government big and nasty

And Steven Speilberg’s got nothing on this masters day story
Tiger Alone can’t touch Phil + his family

And texas stadium imploded
Just like insert tony romo joke here

And there’s no better entertainment
Than kickboxing orangutans
So I’ll leave you with that 

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