Monday, February 1, 2010

State of the State - News in Song

January 24th - January 31st, 2010

Em, G, D/F#

obama gave the state of the state
and the truth is it ain’t all that great
so the optimistic rhetoric
isn’t quite what I’d expect

but most importantly, what’s the deal with miss pelosi’s
lips, is she eating them?

Brett favre threw a questionable throw
That sent the saints off to the superbowl
The fantasy giants of manning and brees
Will fight ‘til the other one’s down on his knees

Roger federer went to australia
sent andy murray crying like a baby kanga
As roger broke the record books further
16 majors and counting and counting

Apple released the ipad
What does it do? What is it for?
It’s an e-book reader for people who don’t read
It’s like a laptop but only without the lap you see
But who really cares, it’s shiny and cool.
And more than enough to make the fan babies drool.

leno went on oprah had a heart to heart
spoke his mind and made me forced to like him
But I need someone to hate
‘cause I need an enemy
or I’d have to admit that Americans don’t find brilliance that funny

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