Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Saints Win the SuperBowl - News in Song

February 1st - February 9th, 2010

F#m, A

Super bowl went on in Miami
A record hundred six and a half million tuned in.
The most watched commercials ever
And those who paid attention to the game, you saw the saints go marching in.

It came out that Katie Couric
gets paid a whole lot more than her staff.
But you’d get that much too
if you had calfs like that

DC gets covered in Christmas
30 plus inches of snow
it’s pure white entrapment
it’s hell freezing over

Toyota falls from the top to the bottom
After brakes went out on their hybrid star Prius
You drive one, you might end up dead
but now’s your best chance to get a car of eco-bliss

USC recruited a 13-year old quarterback.
Could it be their coaches are high on powder they call crack
Hoping his domination of 95-pound kids
will translate to the bigs

and Mel Gibson called a reporter an a-hole
For asking the question we all want to know
Do you think people still hate you for hating some people?


  1. I love the last line of the song, I was expecting something different there entirely. Tres bien!