Thursday, January 14, 2010

Team Coco: News in Song

January 8th - January 14th, 2010.

Capo 4
Em, G, C, D/F#

I’ve gone loco for team coco
But jay leno
Is getting in the way yo
Wants back the tonight show
But that ain’t how it works bro
It’s wait and see what the blowholes
Decide the bottom line pros

a bachelorette was kicked off after hooking up with a staffer
why do you punish love?
Why do you punish love?
Everyone mad
Everyone sad
I wonder when they’ll realize that guy’s been hooking up with 14 other girls at the same time

Idol came back
For one more year
Before mr. simon cowell disappears
Onto the next one
Little worse than the first one
American x factor
That sounds vaguely familiar

Cameron made a new film
‘about blue beastiality
Climbing up the record books
Second to his underwater reality
Can avatar
Be the one to sink titanic
Whether or not
He’s king of the world

harry reid called obama a negro
blagoveich thinks he’s blacker than him too
what a week for the commander in chief
plus, sarah palin got a press job with fox news

The earth it shook in Haiti
Maybe 50,000 precious lives lost
if you can lend a hand
Please donate to the red cross

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